MAGPro2 TCU Manager


The TCU MANAGER is a tool designed to reprogram and clone the most state of the art automatic gearboxes. It is essential for professional mechatronics as well as for amateurs. The tool is also suitable for racing use: ECU remapping also requires TCU remapping in order to supply correctly balanced power.

The TCU MANAGER is able to fully satisfy the needs of any type of customer, providing full clonation of the data from the original source to the used TCU, providing cheap and eco-friendly services! The most common gearbox connectors (DSG) are purchasable separately from our website, with the usual quality guaranteed only by MAGICMOTORSPORT.

  • Supports vehicles from 2003 to today
  • OBD & Bootloader mode
  • Supports transmission control units
  • Full automatic checksum correction
  • Full clone of the most common automatic gearboxes