The Future Of ECU Remapping

Despite the fact that the car industry is constantly changing and it is now at a historical turning point regarding the future of internal combustion engines, we are sure that ECU remapping is here to stay. There are several good reasons for that claim:

1.    Remapping is latest in engine tuning

As car electronics and engine management systems are becoming more and more capable and advanced with every new model, the engine remapping industry is following the trends and constantly evolving. In order to stay relevant and deliver the best product to the customers, engine remapping technicians incorporate not only the most advanced IT skills, but also a high degree of mechanical knowledge. In the future, we can expect even more advanced vehicles which will rely even more on electrical systems and this is why we feel that engine remapping will be even more popular and common.

2.    The safe and reversible way of tuning the engine

In contrast to classic car tuning which required hours spent under the hood, engine remapping is a fast, elegant and safe way of enhancing the performance. Also, it is totally reversible which means that factory settings can be returned in matter of minutes. Due to the nature of engine remap it is also very customizable according to the specific needs of the customer.

3.    Engine remapping is compatible with new technologies

At this moment, the car industry is deciding between internal combustion engines and possible revolution of electric cars or hybrids. Regardless of the direction, there will always be a place for engine remapping or other ways of electronic vehicle tuning because all future cars will use some electronic systems to control internal combustion, hybrid or electric engines. This means that all future cars could be subject to remapping and enhancing performance through a new engine software.  Interestingly, if electric vehicles become standard, remapping could be an even easier process since there are no environmental or fuel economy limits.

At the moment, the industry is producing numerous turbocharged engines, both petrol, and diesel which will be available in years to come. Engine remapping is the first and most popular way of upgrading performance and extracting more horsepower from such units and as more and more turbocharged engines are produced, the need for remapping will grow.

4.    Car remapping could be done online

In some cases, car remapping could be done via internet which means that a customer and technician don’t need to be at the same place at the same time. This makes engine remapping global business and expands the customer basis to millions and millions of users around the globe. 

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